Book V, Chapter 9: Strokes His Beard

(Legolas SINGS and Gimli STROKES his beard.)

Gimli: "This place needs some renovation work."

Legolas: "And gardens. Lots of gardens"

* * *

(Aragorn calls the Commanders TOGETHER, Legolas and Gimli MEET up with Pippin and Merry and they CHAT.)

Legolas: "Arrgh! Gulls!"

(Legolas TELLS them about how they GOT hold of the SHIPS and SINGS.)

* * *

Gandalf: "Denethor was wacked, but he was on to something. If Sauron gets hold of Frodo we're all screwed. Time to play bait."

Aragorn: "Sounds like a plan."

(They GATHER an army of 7000 and Aragorn swears he won't put his sword AWAY until the LAST battle.)

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Book IV, Chapter 4: A Dude Called

(Frodo, Sam and Gollum TRUDGE south; the SCENERY is much nicer and they take a BREAK.)

Sam: "Oi! Gollum, food, now!"

* * *

Sam: "Ohh, coneys." [Rabbits.]

(He STEWS the rabbits, much to Gollum's ANNOYANCE. Sam GRUMBLES about the LACK of potatoes.)

* * *

Frodo: "Voices!"

Faramir: "I'm Faramir, Captain of these very well camouflaged men here - we are from Gondor."

Frodo: "I'm Frodo, this is Sam and we knew a dude called Boromir of Gondor."

Soldiers: "Boromir! Boromir! Boromir!" [Echo effect necessary.]

Faramir: "Fascinating! I'd like to stay and chat but we've got to dash - lots of killing to do. I'll leave two guards and talk to you later!"

* * *

(Frodo CHATS with the guards, LEARNS that the Men of the South are EVIL and there is a BIG fight.)

Sam: "An Oliphaunt! Cool! I'm off to sleep."

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Book II, Chapter 1: I Had Better Things To Do

Frodo: "What the...?"

Gandalf: "Chill out, we're in Rivendell."

Frodo: "Where did you get to?"

Gandalf: "I'll tell you later."

(He TELLS Frodo EVERYTHING anyway.)

Frodo: "So the Black Riders are all gone?"

Gandalf: "That kinda depends on your definition of 'gone'."

* * *

(Later Frodo gets UP, meets the OTHERS and goes to a FEAST. Arwen SAYS and DOES nothing; Frodo CHATS with Glóin and SEES Bilbo.)

* * *

Bilbo: "The Dúnedain! I didn't see you loitering around Arwen earlier."

Strider: "I had better things to do."

(Bilbo RECITES a very LONG poem and everyone goes to BED.)

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