Book IV, Chapter 7: Gondor And Trudge

(Frodo, Sam and Gollum LEAVE the Men of Gondor and TRUDGE through the woods. Gollum DISAPPEARS for a while; the Hobbits SLEEP and Gollum REAPPEARS. They reach some CROSS-ROADS and Frodo has a SPIRTUAL moment.)
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Book II, Chapter 6: A Spiritual Moment

(Aragorn feels VINDICATED, what's left of the Company RUN a lot and Legolas SINGS. They spend the NIGHT in the TREES with Elves [don't ask] and get BLIND-FOLDED next day until Galadriel SENDS word that its not NECESSARY. They TRUDGE to Lothlórien and Aragorn has a SPIRITUAL moment [don't ask].)
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