Book V, Chapter 9: Strokes His Beard

(Legolas SINGS and Gimli STROKES his beard.)

Gimli: "This place needs some renovation work."

Legolas: "And gardens. Lots of gardens"

* * *

(Aragorn calls the Commanders TOGETHER, Legolas and Gimli MEET up with Pippin and Merry and they CHAT.)

Legolas: "Arrgh! Gulls!"

(Legolas TELLS them about how they GOT hold of the SHIPS and SINGS.)

* * *

Gandalf: "Denethor was wacked, but he was on to something. If Sauron gets hold of Frodo we're all screwed. Time to play bait."

Aragorn: "Sounds like a plan."

(They GATHER an army of 7000 and Aragorn swears he won't put his sword AWAY until the LAST battle.)

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