Book I, Chapter 4: Really Psychopathic Dogs

Frodo: "Let's take a short cut."

Pippin: "Damn, I wanted to go to the pub."

(They TRUDGE through a lot of FIELDS, see another BLACK RIDER and TRUDGE on some more.)

* * *

Pippin: "Check it out! Farmer Maggot's patch! He's got some really psychopathic dogs!"

Frodo: "Arrgh!"

* * *

Maggot: "Have dinner, while I tell you about some Black Riders."

(They stay, get WORRIED and then Maggot gives them a LIFT to the Ferry.)

* * *

Maggot: "Mr. Merry!"

Merry: "Hya!"

Maggot: "Here's some mushrooms."

Frodo: "Tasty!"

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