Sep 3018

Book I, Chapter 11: This Place Is Dingy

(The BLACK RIDERS attack the WRONG room. Then the gang LEAVE Bree. Sam recites POETRY and Strider BERATES them for mentioning MORDOR. A lot.)

* * *

Strider: "Snazzy, Weathertop!"

Merry: "This place is dingy."

* * *

Strider: "Arrgh! The Enemy! Let's light a fire."

Sam: "Won't that give us away?"

(Everyone IGNORES him. Strider tells a very long STORY about an Elf-woman.)

* * *

Merry: "Eek! Shapes!"

(The BLACK RIDERS attack, Frodo puts the RING on and gets STABBED. Strider CHASES them off with FIRE. Frodo FAINTS.)

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Book I, Chapter 10: Sleep In My Room

Strider: "I've got information."

Frodo: "What information?"

(Strider DECLINES to give Frodo a STRAIGHT ANSWER, but RAMBLES on until it becomes apparent that he has no USEFUL information.)

* * *

Butterbur: "Here's a letter from Gandalf that I forgot to post."

(The LETTER tells Frodo to TRUST Strider.)

Strider: "So, you gonna let me come along?"

Frodo: "Whatever."

* * *

Merry: "I followed a Black Rider, then I fainted."

Strider: "Idiot. You'd all better sleep in my room."

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Book I, Chapter 9: Your Friends Are Idiots

Frodo: "Who's the dude in the corner?"

Innkeeper (Butterbur): "He's a Ranger called Strider."

Strider: "Your friends are idiots; how about being discrete?"

(Frodo puts the RING on instead.)

Strider: "You're an idiot too; how about being discrete?"

Butterbur: "What was the vanishing act about?"

Frodo: "Nothing much."

Butterbur: "Fine. Oh, I just remembered - I have to tell you something."

Frodo: "Wonderful."
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Book I, Chapter 8: What Happened To My Clothes?

(There is FOG on the Barrow Downs and a Barrow-wight KIDNAPS them. Bombadil RESCUES them.)

Merry: "What happened to my clothes?"

Tom Bombadil: "They're gone. Have these instead, then head out to Bree."

(He also gives them PONIES and KNIVES. They leave.)
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Book I, Chapter 7: Don't Be A Prat

(Frodo becomes SMITTEN with Goldberry and SINGS, as does Bombadil. Everyone has NIGHTMARES. Except Sam, who doesn't. Next day it RAINS a lot. After dinner, Bombadil takes the RING but isn't AFFECTED by it. Frodo suspects DECEIT, puts the RING on and VANISHES.)

Tom Bombadil: "Frodo, don't be a prat."

(Frodo takes the RING off, grins SHEEPISHLY and then Bombadil SINGS some more.)
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Book I, Chapter 6: Lost… Tree… Eat… Rescued

(The gang get LOST in the Old Forest and a TREE tries to EAT Merry and Pippin. They're RESCUED by Tom Bombadil.)
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Book I, Chapter 5: We Need Food

Sam: "Oh no, another Black Rider!"

Frodo: "Never mind that, we need food."

* * *

(They TRUDGE to Crickhollow. Merry and Pippin take a LONG time telling Frodo he's STUCK with them.)

Frodo: "Thank God!"

(They SING and go to BED.)

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Book I, Chapter 4: Really Psychopathic Dogs

Frodo: "Let's take a short cut."

Pippin: "Damn, I wanted to go to the pub."

(They TRUDGE through a lot of FIELDS, see another BLACK RIDER and TRUDGE on some more.)

* * *

Pippin: "Check it out! Farmer Maggot's patch! He's got some really psychopathic dogs!"

Frodo: "Arrgh!"

* * *

Maggot: "Have dinner, while I tell you about some Black Riders."

(They stay, get WORRIED and then Maggot gives them a LIFT to the Ferry.)

* * *

Maggot: "Mr. Merry!"

Merry: "Hya!"

Maggot: "Here's some mushrooms."

Frodo: "Tasty!"

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