Book II, Chapter 10: No Idea What To Do

Aragorn: "Okay, I've got no idea what to do now. Frodo, I'm passing the buck."

Frodo: "I haven't got a clue either. I'm off to think."

* * *

(Boromir finds Frodo in the WOODS, loses it TOTALLY, tries to take the RING and Frodo RUNS away. He NEARLY lets Sauron DISCOVER him, before HEADING for the BOATS.)

* * *

Aragorn: "Have you been annoying Frodo, Boromir?"

Boromir: "That and shouting. He put the Ring on and scarpered."

Aragorn: "Idiot."

* * *

(Everyone goes LOOKING for Frodo. SHOCKINGLY, Sam is the ONLY one who checks the BOATS. He nearly DROWNS, then Frodo and he head out towards MORDOR.)

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