Book III, Chapter 5: I Got This New Outfit

(Aragorn and the others find EVIDENCE that Merry and Pippin are still ALIVE and head into FANGORN.)

* * *

Legolas: "The Old Man!"

Gimli: "Arrgh!"

Old Man: "How's it hangin'?"

Aragorn: "We're kinda busy so if you don't mind..."

(Gimli tries to ATTACK the OLD man, but it turns out to be GANDALF and they are all jolly HAPPY.)

Gandalf: "My fight with the Balrog took a long time and it hurt. But I got this new outfit, so it wasn't a total loss. Galadriel sends messages:

  • Aragorn: Get the Rangers together and go to war.
  • Legolas: Avoid the Sea.
  • Gimli: Hi."
(The horses REAPPEAR and they ride to EDORAS.)
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