Book III, Chapter 10: Narks Saruman Off

Gandalf: "Right, time to talk to Saruman - at great personal risk, I might add."

(Everyone DECIDES to go with him and he TELLS them not to LISTEN to Saruman's VOICE.)

Gandalf: "I must go upstairs - at great personal risk, I might add."

(Théoden SAYS he's COMING too and also VOLUNTEERS Éomer. Not to be outdone, Gandalf VOLUNTEERS Aragorn as well. Eventually, everyone GOES along.)

Saruman: "Oh Théoden, why hast thou foresaken me? We could still be friends, ya know?"

Gimli: "Arrgh! Lies, all lies!"

Saruman: "Dwarves are better seen and not heard. Théoden, we could still be friends, ya know?"

Éomer: "Arrgh! Lies, all lies!"

(Saruman TRIES to BEWITCH everyone, but is MOCKED by Gandalf and gets very ANGRY. Gandalf SNAPS Saruman's STAFF; Wormtongue THROWS a crystal ball-shaped Palantir out the WINDOW, which decidedly NARKS Saruman OFF, and Treebeard AGREES to keep and EYE on Saruman.)
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Book III, Chapter 6: And Galdalf Sings

Rider of Rohan: "By the way, we've become very xenophobic recently - hey, are those our horses?"

Aragorn: "Yup."

* * *

(Later, the DOORMAN (Háma) wants to take their WEAPONS; Aragorn doesn't want to give up his SWORD and Gandalf wants to keep his STAFF. Finally, Aragorn gives in and Háma takes the OPPORTUNITY to share a PROVERB. Gandalf gets to keep his STAFF. Théoden doesn't look too HOT [don't ask].)

Gandalf: "I'm back!"

Théoden: "Do I look happy to see you?"

(Wormtongue says that Théoden’s son is DEAD and that Éomer can't be TRUSTED. He and Gandalf take the OPPORTUNITY to swap PROVERBS and Gandalf SINGS.)

Gandalf: "You gonna listen to me now?"

Théoden: "Sure."

(Éowyn arrives, SAYS and DOES nothing and is QUICKLY sent away again by Gandalf. Éomer is RELEASED from prison, Théoden is FILLED IN in on recent EVENTS and LEARNS that Wormtongue is a TRAITOR. Éowyn is SMITTEN with Aragorn and Théoden can't THINK of anyone to RULE Rohan for a bit until Háma remembers and suggests Éowyn. Everyone else RIDES out towards Isengard.)

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