Book III, Chapter 9: His Spare Pipe

Legolas: "So, care to fill in some blanks?"

Gimli: "Food first - it's gone lunch-time."

(They FIND some FOOD, Pippin TELLS them about Ents and Merry LENDS Gimli his spare PIPE and Gimli gets OVER-EXCITED.)

Gimli: "Marry me!"

Legolas: "So, what happened with you two?"

(For the first part of their story, read
A very long-winded story.)

Merry: "...We waited for the Orcs to leave, then the Ents broke the door down, destroyed everything except the Tower. Then Gandalf turned up, chatted to Treebeard and left. Oh, and Wormtongue put in an appearance. Other than that, we just found some pipe-weed from the Shire."

Aragorn: "Interesting..."
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