Book IV, Chapter 6: Give Frodo A

Faramir: "So, the odd looking creature down there - kill it, yay or nay?"

Frodo: "No!"

Gollum: "Fissh!"

Frodo: "Nice Sméagol, come here or I'll curse you..."

Gollum: "Coming!"

* * *

(Faramir gives Frodo FREE reign through Gondor for a year and TELLS him not to TRUST Gollum.)

Faramir: "You must not go to Cirith Ungol."

Frodo: "Why not?"

(Faramir is UNABLE to give Frodo a STRAIGHT ANSWER and SAYS that Gollum is EVIL.)

Frodo: "Whatever."

Faramir: "Have some food before you leave. If you survive this little escapade then we'll have a chat about it then. Bye!"

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