Appendix A-II: The House of Eorl

Source: "The Rohirrim came from the north. They liked plains and horses. There were only three really important members of this auspicious clan:
  • Eorl the Younger - rescued the Men of Gondor from certain death, was given Rohan and made an oath to help Gondor whenever they asked.
  • Helm Hammerhand - big on the fighting and blowing a large horn [don't ask]. Held out against the invaders of Rohan and had a nasty temper. Now seen only as a ghost.
  • Théoden - fought in the War of the Ring and died at the hands of the Lord of the Nazgûl. For full information, read the novel."

The Kings of the Mark

(A SUPERFLUOUS list of INCONSEQUENTIAL names and dates.)

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