Book VI, Chapter 7: Draw You A Diagram

Frodo: "I was injured a year ago today - the memory is very heavy. Oh where shall I find peace?"

(Gandalf refuses to give Frodo a STRAIGHT ANSWER or indeed ANY answer WHATSOEVER. Luckily, Frodo has got OVER it by the next day. They pass Weathertop, Frodo is NERVOUS and eventually they reach Bree. The WELCOME they get is less ENTHUSIASTIC than they EXPECTED.)

Butterbur: "Lots of strange things have been happening. Some killings, a shortage of pipe-weed and bandits on the road."

Gandalf: "Don't worry: the King'll deal with all this stuff."

Butterbur: "Huh?"

Merry: "Do we have to draw you a diagram? Strider is the King."

Butterbur: "Gotcha. Oh yeah, your pony came back."

Sam: "Yippee!"

* * *

(Gandalf SUGGESTS that Saruman could have something to do with the strange EVENTS in the Shire and Merry says it won't be a PROBLEM since Gandalf will be able to fix it.)

Gandalf: "Oh no. Not me. After years of meddling and interfering in what was wrong with other people's lives, I'm off for a holiday. I'm gonna swing by Bombadil's and have a chat. Adios!"

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